External and Internal Wall Thermal Insulation


Having External or Internal Thermal Insulation installed by Cyprus Insulation is one of the best investments you can make to your property.
With up to 40% of your property’s energy being lost through un-insulated walls. As well as changing the temperature dramatically you will also make huge savings on your air conditioning bills in the summer months and your heating bills in the winter.

Other benefits for External Insulation are if your home has crack damage, poor workmanship, damp or mold. By installing Thermal Insulation you can give the exterior of your property a brand new face lift which will last for years to come and is completely water proof eradicating damp and mold (which can be extremely harmful to your health) making your property much more hygienic and comfortable.

Having Thermal Insulation installed by Cyprus Insulation will improve the look and value of your property, eradicate existing problems and save you money.